About Us

Global Bins Ltd has been in existance for over 4 years and have developed a senior management team including industry experts, as well as professionals in all the specialist areas that any modern progressive company requires to develop and expand in a sustainable mannor.

Patrick Murphy

Patrick brings extensive experience to the Global Bins Team. He has spent several years working in an Accountancy Firm and used this knowledge along with Management skills acquired through the successful launching of business's involved in the catering sector to launch his own very successful Business. This business centred on the Importation and Exportation of goods from the United States. Thus Patrick has acquired the knowledge which will prove enormously beneficial to Global Bins as it moves forward in its drive to become the foremost Company in the world in the waste and environmental sector. Patrick has been a key member of the negotiating team with Government officials and local Authorities in Ireland and the U.K.

John O'Farrell

John has joined the Global Bins team with over 25 years' experience in Project Management and Operations, with extensive knowledge in the Commercial industry John plays a key role in delivering the concept to Government agencies and local authorities. As a member of the Council with South Dublin Chamber of Commerce, he brings an extensive amount of experience and knowledge of Inter Trade relations between Ireland and the UK.

Zeb Moore
Techncial and Manufacturing Consultant

Zeb Moore is the CEO and owner of EnviroPlastics Ireland. Zeb has over 30 years experience in manufacturing and mould injection projects with a number of high profile clients. Zeb has overseen the manufacture of the Prototype of the Global Bin 360.

For more information on the Global Bin 360 contact our team who will be happy to answer any of your questions.