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The Trends in Recycling

As Europe puts more pressure on household recycling, local councils and authorities are introducing more waste receptacles to house holders to deal with the different waste streams.

There are currently bins for general waste, recycling waste, garden waste, food waste, glass waste etc, this list seems to be expanding rather than being reduced.

Overcrowded streets with too many wheelie bins

Recycling commences within the home and whilst this is beginning to take place with the emergence of multiple waste containers in the home, which in turn allows for ease of segregation of recyclables and which then further assists the householder by facilitating them to complete the task of recycling their recyclables properly as they are then able to place same into the various bins outside the home without any further segregation being necessary.

This initiative is helping householders to recycle more, but it is once more adding to the burden of the ever increasing numbers of bins on our streets and worse outside of people’s homes and businesses.

16 million plastic bottles going into landfill each day in the UK

Householders are consciously looking at the costs of their waste and now clearly understand that general waste is eating into their household budget. House holders are looking at ways of alleviating that cost and the result is for them to actively recycle even more.

The issue now is the explosion in the number of waste bins outside people’s homes, the solution is a bigger wheelie bin but one that is easy to move / manage and that will accommodate several separate waste streams.

480 plastic bottles on average per household
The answer is the Global Bin 360.

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