Frequently Asked Questions

(Q) The new 360 litre Bin sounds very big compared to the 240 litre?
The new Goblal Bin 360L is 120 Litres greater in size and can accommodates a number of waste streams in the Bin. The Bin is designed with householders of all ages in mind.

This diagram shows the gradual size of Bins from 140L to 360L.

(Q) Is this Bin compatible to current collection trucks and how will the process change?
(A) Collection trucks will continue to operate in the same manner. There will be no change or alteration to the present system. Global Bins 360 is fully compatible with existing trucks. There will no additional costs to the operator or the public.

(Q) Will the 360L Bin be too heavy to manage for the householder?
The 360 Litre Bin is currently in operation in various countries of the E.U. Global Bins 360L will be different to a normal 360 Litre Bin due to it having split compartments which can accommodate any number of individual waste streams. Global Bin 360L will eliminate the necessity of having multiple Bins outside all of our homes.

(Q) How does the Bin actually work with separate lids?
Our Bin works through a unique Patented locking system that will ensure that one lid remains closed whilst the other lid is opened in order to facilitate the emptying of that section of the 360 Bin at time of collection. Should a Council or Borough decide / wish to order Global Bin 360L with even more individual waste streams than the two compartments initially envisaged then the same unique Patented locking system will allow for each individual lid to be opened whilst the other lids remain locked.

(Q) How many compartments will my Bin actually have and how big is each compartment?
(A) Our Bin will automatically come with two compartments (General Waste & Mixed Recyclables). The actual size of each compartment plus how many compartments are needed will be decided by the Authority (Borough, Council or a Private Operator) placing the order as they will best know their requirements. Obviously the order (for manufacturing purposes & to achieve best pricing) will have to be substantial (this has yet to be determined). Generally each Council, Borough or Private Operator will know the market conditions in their area best. For example the typical breakdown required could be 180L Mixed Recyclables, 90L General Waste and 90L Garden Waste.

(Q) Will Global Bins be able to provide a larger or smaller Bin.
(A) Yes - Once again the Council, Borough or Private Operator will play a pivotal role in this situation. They will already be aware of the demands that they have on either larger or smaller Bins and will order accordingly. Global Bins will then step in to supply as per order (relevant order sizing will apply).

(Q) Will Global Bins be able to offer the present operators the same “chip” that monitors the weight of one’s waste.
(A) Yes, not alone will we offer the operator the same facility as he presently has but we will go further and enhance the information available by making available the same information relative to your recycling rates.

For more information on the Global Bin 360 contact our team who will be happy to answer any of your questions.