Dear Mr Murphy,

It was a pleasure meeting you to discuss your novel concept for a domestic waste segregation and collection concept. I understand that you have a patent pending on the concept, which if successful, will be important to commanding a position in the market moving forward. In this regard it appears the inventors have taken prudent steps to developing the business opportunity.

Regarding the design, it would appear to me to be novel, as I have never come across a solution of this nature previously. It clearly addresses a market need to reduce the number (and cost) of supplying households with numerous bins. I would expect users to find this very attractive and may well influence their choice of service supplier. It is clear that a lot of design activity has been expended on the concept to date and that a lot of thought has been given to how the device will be used. The inventors have a firm understanding of how the concepts fits in the industry business models. My understanding is that it is compatible with the collection equipment used in industry which is an important requirement for uptake in the market.

It would appear that your impressive concept is at a very mature stage of development at this point. If I can be of support though my design network don’t hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Leonard O’Sullivan
Senior Lecturer Design Ergonomics School of Design
University of Limerick

Dear Mr. Murphy,

This note presents me with a wonderful opportunity to commend Global Bins on their, innovate, new Wheelie Bin.

The unique feature of having a multi compartmentalised Bin with each compartment having its own individual lockable lid is certainly taking the age old concept of a Wheelie Bin into a complete new dimension.

Whilst working on the prototype I was reminded of the old expression that “the future looks golden” and in Global Bins case I am certain that this will prove to be the case. Your carefully thought out strategy to drive to the market with two compartments in the Bin (replacing the need for separate waste and recycling Bins) is a further testament to that age old saying which I have quoted above.

Thank you for the opportunity you afforded us to work on this unique prototype for your Company. We believe that you have identified a wonderful new product which in due course will, I am certain go on to replace all existing Wheelie Bins.

We would like to wish you and Global Bins Ltd, a very successful future.

Kind regards.

Zeb Moore,
EnviroPlastics Ireland

For more information on the Global Bin 360 contact our team who will be happy to answer any of your questions.