The Global Bins 360 is a revolutionary bin that offers waste subdivision in one single receptacle.

Global Bins Ltd have carried out extensive research into the Wheelie Bin Industry worldwide. Our findings indicate that there are over 90 million waste receptacles on the streets of Ireland and the U.K alone. Some householders have up to five wheelie bins in order to separate their waste.

The average householder will have on average three wheelie bins to dispose of the following:

  • Mixed Re-Cycle
  • General Waste
  • Garden Waste
  • Food Waste
  • Glass Re-Cycle

Whilst our research demonstrates that householders are determined to recycle more, (which is fantastic), it does however bring with it, its own set of problems and challenges which unfortunately result in having more and more bins outside their homes!

The Solution!

The new concept is a wheelie bin of 360 litres, sub divided to allow for different waste streams to be recycled, each waste stream with its own lid and closure. This unique design is not only more convenient for the householder, it reduces costs, it is better for the environment and due to its patented release mechanism will work with existing bin lorry systems.

This new bin will have the capability to have several compartments which will allow for multiple waste streams to be collected from one single bin.

Our existing Global Bin 360 model shows the bin split into two compartments. Global Bin 360 can also be adapted to be divided into additional compartments if required.

Our product is simple.

Global Bins Ltd have taken the original concept of the household wheelie bin and have further adapted the principal with a new patented version.

P.C.T. Patent Application Number. WIPO PCT/EP2016/052741.

Global Bins Ltd was established in the U.K to respond to a growing need to delivering a sustainable solution to an ever increasing problem in the recycling & waste industry. Our research concluded that the issue existed further afield in countries across Europe and the United States.

The E.U. are pressurising Governments at national level; through local authorities, targeting the householder as the primary source of the recycling issue.

Waste starts at household level and ends up in mainstream landfills if not properly recycled at the outset. Governments continue to face substantial penalties from the E.U, for incorrect disposal of waste.

For more information on the Global Bin 360 contact our team who will be happy to answer any of your questions.